About Us

The Americanna Dream Festival is the nation’s preeminent licensed and permitted cannabis farmers market destination and lifestyle event. The festival brings together industry creators, influencers, artisans, and cannabis enthusiasts for a weekend experience in all things cannabis.    

The vision behind The Americanna Dream:

To remind everyone of the history of cannabis and the journey it’s taken as it finds its way into our lives today in the year of 2019.   We give great honor to this plant that provides medicine to so many people in need of natural medicine and we are so thankful for the opportunity to be able to access this medicine in a safe regulated manner.   We are hopeful that many more US states will join us as we move into safer cannabis access for all.

The Americanna Dream cares about our community and the people who make the communities so great.  When thinking about what we stand for, we thought of people who need jobs…so we created a Job Fair within our festival.   We thought of educators for our community…so we created a speaker panel for everyone to learn from and get inspired to create their own businesses. We thought of giving back even more and helping people of all ethnicities who would like to become cannabis entrepreneurs and created a Business Mixer, where these entrepreneurs can come to our Business Mixer and connect with other entrepreneurs and create long lasting meaningful business relationships. We hope you will be a part of our vision and celebrate with us in this grand celebration of ending cannabis prohibition in California!

Thank you for supporting us as we continue to support each other in this new regulated market.


So what does “The Americanna Dream” mean to you? 



Unlimited Brand Holdings LLC is a California licensed cannabis event organizer and has invited The Honey Flower Collective to co-host The Americanna Dream Festival this year on May 18 -19, 2019. We are thankful to be able to host cannabis consumption and sales events at authorized venues. Licensed retailers are allowed to sell cannabis and cannabis products at our events. Persons aged 21 years and older are able to purchase and consume cannabis at our events. 

The Honey Flower Collective is a California licensed cannabis event organizer and hosts cannabis events that lift spirits, provides education and takes communities to newer heights.

Honey Flower is a collection of cannabis entrepreneurs and event planners whose focus is on creating uniquely themed cannabis events that educate communities about the positive value of cannabis and provides consumers the opportunity to purchase and enjoy cannabis products in a legal, fun and safe environment. 

Honey Flower is a premier cannabis event promoter and have worked in partnership with cannabis entrepreneurs at the following events: 

  • San Diego Cannabis Farmers Market Cannabis Farmers Market
  • San Diego Cannabis Farmers Market Cannabis and Hemp Job Fair and Business Mixer
  • Skate N Bake
  • San Diego Cannabis Farmers Market Cannabis Music Festival
  • San Diego Cannabis Farmers Market Glass Art Market
  • San Diego Cannabis Farmers Market Sesh
  • San Diego Cannabis Farmers Market Cannabis Cultivation Class
  • San Diego Cannabis Farmers Market Cannabis Cultivation and Law Class
  • We Care Beach Clean Up
  • HoneyComb Sunset Community Potluck
  • United Cannabis Guild Mixer
  • Cannabis Row at San Diego Earth Day 
  • Utopia San Diego Pride Festival 
  • Canna Zone at WCKD (Monster Bash)

And many more…